Friday, July 21, 2006

Day One

Hello world:

I am not Graham Bell and this is not going to revolutionize humanity. And yet I am proud, very proud.

This is Laughangeles Blog day one and a great achievement in the book of my personal success.

Exactly 12 months ago I had no knowledge of website design, didn't know what a cascading style sheet was and had never heard of php (pretty happy person?). Since then I have created and; worked with, managed and often times corrected professional website designers and programmers; and established myself as an expert internet consultant.

My modesty and ego may conflict as much as they want: I know my stuff, from working with Hypertext Pre-processor (php), javascripting, xhtml, downright to correctly code a webpage for successful search engine optimization.

It took hours - countless of them - and what an amazing subject!

I love to laugh, and I love the intellectual challenge and opportunity for creative expression that website design gives.

Gee weez. Life is fun.